Wednesday, April 27, 2016

After honing their craft for several years as the musical section of the garage punk band The Creatures of the Golden Dawn stalwart friends Michael Rafalowich, Michael Vallone, Stu Rutherford and Kevin Groller hatched the idea to form the high octane off shoot band the Sonic Mood Set.
Pulling from diverse influences and a mutual love of Sixties freakbeat our four heroes forged a tight, powerful combo delivering frenzied performances to welcoming audiences up and down the east coast . Always on the move and bursting with material they entered Brooklyn’s Coyote Studios to lay down several hard-edged R&B tracks. The result was a delicious single covering the Fire’s “Father’s Name was Dad” and a follow up record entitled “Stop, Listen to My Story”.  Both consisting of material from their live act and released to excellent reviews.
In the meantime, members of the band are engaged in other musical projects. Michael Rafalowich tours as bassist with Tav Falco’s Panther Burns and is a driving member of the excellent soulful hard rock band the Golden Grass. 
Michael Vallone has been playing with the wonderful neo-psychedelic band House of Fire as well as releasing numerous records as the avant garde electronic outfit the Tara Experiment.
Bassist Stu Rutherford has released several records with the psych-pop band The Royal Purple.

The Sonic Mood Set